Just a girl who loves Glee, Pretty Little Liars and Demi Lovato. Fifth Harmony has a special place in my heart as well. I also like Ravenswood, Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect, Harry Potter, some Anime (and manga), Gay rights, Adventure Time, Frozen, OUAT, OB, Faking It, OITNB and also video games. Alison DiLaurentis is my angel baby and Emison are my main bitches. If you have a question or need someone to talk to, my ask is always open. I'll try my best to help you. If you're off anon, tell me if you want the ask to be answered privately because otherwise it would most likely be published, okay? c:

OTPS: (In order- Glee, PLL, Adventure Time, Victorious, Wicked, Frozen, OUAT, Pitch Perfect, HG, OB, Faking It, OITNB) Brittana, Faberry, Finchel, Emison, Sparia, Bubbline, Jori, Gelphie, Elsanna, Swan Queen, Red Beauty, Snowing, Staubrey, Bechloe, Joniss, Cophine, Propunk, Karmy, Flaritza, Morello/Nicky, and Vauseman. If incest shipping sickens you then #sorrynotsorry you can unfollow if you want to.




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I???? 500 followers??? I don’t? Seriously, where do you all come from and how the hell do you find me? I just, I can’t believe i hit 500. I was surprised when I hit 10! I seriously think one of these days you’ll all realize that you didn’t mean to follow me in the first place and you’ll leave. I hope that doesn’t happen though :p Thank you to everyone. Thanks to my followers, new and old, and everyone who likes and reblogs from me. I love you all <3